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Watercolors & Online Painting Courses


Sharing experience through watercolor online courses

Daniel’s education online project Watercolor Mind (coming soon!) is a hub of creative ideas. It provides an extensive library of learning material for every aspiring watercolorist from complete beginner to advanced painter.

Daniel Novotny holding a painting


Painting ideas

Daniel’s watercolors focus on creative composition and the exploration of ideas. The hallmark of his art is the inquisitiveness with which he explores composition and the medium.

Daniel’s work has won several international awards. It is displayed in galleries, museums and private collections throughout Europe and the Americas. Daniel’s portrait work was published in a book “Portrait Revolution” (2017, Watson-Guptill, Pimpernell Press).

Artist's statement

Deliberate designing process

Making a painting is a creative, involving activity. My painting procedure begins with a deliberate designing process. Through a series of studies I explore my subject and look for a metaphor that befits the subject, my idea of it and its visual pattern. The final painting is a culmination of previous steps, providing a satisfying conclusion to the creative process.


A world of possibilites

Daniel Novotny is watercolor artist and instructor living and working in Slovakia.

Daniel explores watercolor through creative composition. He believes in painting ideas, not mere pictures. While painting starts with a spark of inspiration, the idea has to be deliberately developed in order to blossom into a successful work of art.

Daniel’s favorite subjects include man-made structures set in natural environments. Their contrast with the land offers the painter a world of possibilities. It’s these possibilities that fuel Daniel’s passion for visual adventure.